Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year Will Come

As we say "Goodbye" to year 2010 and "Hello" to 2011... let us all leave whatever not so good things that happened and cherrish the wonderful moments... HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! =)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Black Light Party

We had our Christmas Party with TWC last December 5, 2010. The theme was a Black Light Glam Rock Party. Almost all of my teammates attended. I had so much fun with pictures left and right with my teammates and friends at work. The night was rocked away by the featured bands Rivermaya and The Dawn. Here are some of the photos:

Team Dada with Team Jaz members

Busy??? =$

With Shobe Jenn P... =)

The Attigurls... Hahaha!!! =)

With Marse Mhavz and Friend Kate... =)

With Lloyd, Manel, Ely and Chad... =)

With Roi and Boss HT!!! =)

With the bosses!!! =)

Team Dada with Manel... =)

Rock On!!! =)

Team Dada... =)

There are other pictures in my facebook account and I must say I really enjoyed this night!!! =)

My Collection

If there is one thing I love most collecting, that would be Sylvester The Cat. I don't know what is with this character that amuses me. When I just drop by a store where there is a Sylvester the Cat collectible, even if that is not part of my budget I don't hesitate to buy it. Some were given by friends.

I really love this cat!!! =)


Welcome to my new blog site where I would share all my interests, collections and experiences. Enjoy reading my blogs and watching videos. Comments will be highly appreiated. Have a nice day to everyone! =)