Sunday, June 19, 2011

Music Zone: Songs For Father's Day

We know that they are the reason why we exist in this world. Our stronghold when we are weak. The provider of our needs. The one who discipline us when we commit mistakes. The one that teaches us about life experience. We may call him in different names such as "Daddy", "Dad" "Pa", "Papa", "Itay", "Tay", "Baba", "Fù Qīn" (Chinese), "Vati" (german), "Chichi" (japanese)... it all boils down to one name... FATHER.

On this special day, Music Zone presents my top five songs for our fathers.

5. Papa Can You Hear Me (Barbara Streisand)

4. I'll Stand By You (Pretenders)

3. Father And Son (Cat Stevens)

2. Dance With My Father  (Luther Vandross)

1. My Father's Eyes (Eric Clapton)


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  1. Belated happy father's day to your Dad..Sorry I was a bit busy this past few weeks so I was not able to read your post:)

    Hope your having a great day!

    life is good!