Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Natural Disaster

Another natural disaster has been reported hours ago and it's still hot in the news. Mother Nature is really powerful because even the super power country like Japan experienced its wrath. This is the earthquake which has a magnitude of 8.9 and the tsunami. We all know that if there are earthquakes in coastal areas, there will also be tsunamis. Government in Philippines placed some provinces in the Tsunami Alert status as preparation for the tsunami. Here are some photos:

Let us all pray the people in Japan, may it be their citizen or our OFW's. Let us also pray for the people in the eastern coast of the Philippine Islands. God is good and I know all of us can get through this.

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  1. So disastrous. It;s only these catastrophes that people all over the world are concern with one another. Many people have already stretched their hands to help the Japan like the US and other countries. Indeed world catastrophes keep us all together.

    We hope the nuclear disaster in Japan will come to an end. Let us just all pray.