Thursday, March 17, 2011

Episode 16 Review: Original Songs

The New Directions this week goes original, as in original songs. Although, the show still featured cover songs but the highlight is on the songs that are fresh and new.

Episode highlight 1: Kurt confesses to Blaine of his jealousy that the Warblers  always choose Blaine to be their front act performer. Blaine was moved by his statement and so he raised to the council that for Regionals, he must perform with Kurt and the entire council agreed to him. In their practice, Blaine finally reciprocates his feelings for Kurt with a kiss. There was a cut in the scene, good thing, there is the full video in Youtube.

Episode highlight 2: Because Quinn is scared that Finn and Rachel would be together again, she befriended Rachel and supported her idea of original songs. They had a confrontation because of Finn, leading Rachel to write her song alone.

Episode highlight 3: Its the Regionals, and there are three glee clubs competing for the title "First Place". Aural Intensity started the performance. The second group to perform were the Warblers, and lastly the New Directions. The New Directions won the competition (Thanks to Sue Sylvester, they were able to come up with a great original song). Her are their performances:

In this episode, there were a total of eleven songs played, five of them are cover songs and the rest are all original. The cover songs were "Misery" (Maroon 5) , "Blackbird" (The Beatles), "Candles" (Hey Monday), "Raise Your Glass" (Pink). The first four songs are all from Dalton Academy Warblers. Aural Intensity performed the song "Jesus Is My Friend" (Sonseed). The original songs were "Only Child" by Rachel, "TroutyMouth" by Santana and Tina, "Big Ass... Heart" by Puck, "Hell To The No" by Mercedes, "Get It Right" by Rachel, and lastly, "Losers Like Me" by the New Directions.

I like this episode because there are a lot of songs and the best is that the New Directions won the competition. Winning the Regionals mean they are now heading Nationals... Go New Directions!!! =)

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