Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Childhood Nostalgia: Gotta Catch Em'All, Pokemon!

Since it's my first time to have a Tuesday restday in our account, I woke up early today and check what shows are featured in the morning, I came across with Pokemon which is one of the anime' characters that I adore. So, I decided to feature them today on Childhood Nostalgia.

Pokemon is the shortened name for "Pocket Monsters". This program talks about courage, friendship and being strong for any struggles in order for us to achieve our goals.

This is the story of Ash, an ordinary kid who wish to become the "Greatest Pokemon Master". He started his quest for his dream in Pallet Town where he got his first ever Pokemon named "Pikachu" which is also the best known Pokemon in the world. If they Together, they faced different types of pokemon, challenges and trainers as they visit gyms. The main goal is to defeat the Gym Trainer so that one can obtain a badge which will be needed in the Pokemon League Battle. They also encountered friends along the way.

Trainers in this show also need to collect as many Pokemon as they can. They need to train these creatures to prepare them for battle. As the pokemon battles other types and if they win, they level up and become stronger. This anime has a tag line "Gotta Catch Em'All!".

Pokemon is not only in anime series but in video games. They come in different versions. They started to release the first generation versions and these include Yellow, Blue, Green and Red versions. The featured pokemons here were Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander respectively. They also came up with other versions and for other versions, there are other pokemons that you can use for your quest.

Why do I find them the cute? I really like the way they were drawn and brought to life. My personal favorite would be Squirtle, a water-type pokemon. I also like the plot of the story which is never giving up through trials and obstacles. I also play the game quest of all versions from the old to the current ones in my personal computer and everytime I'm into it, I feel that I'm also doing the quest. Now, who is your favorite Pokemon?

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  1. I love Pikachu maybe this one of the reason why I love yellow color- happiness:)and sunny..toast..I remembered I even bought alot of toys. This how much i love this character..so cute and adorable and the voice. oh gosh!-Childhood Nostalgia.