Saturday, May 14, 2011

Couch Potato Madness: In The Name Of Love: Review

I'm in SM Dasmariñas yesterday only with the intention of buying things I need for everyday use like toiletries and some stuff. Since I finished early, I checked the films that are being shown in the cinemas. I found "In The Name Of Love" starring Jake Cuenca, Angel Locsin and Aga Muhlach. I heard a lot of positive feedback and reviews about this movie so I decided to enter the cinema and watch to confirm if the reviews are indeed true.

At first, I was thinking why this movie was entitled "In The Name Of Love" but at the latter part I finally understood it. The concept of the story revolved around dance, which kinda reminds me of the old movie Dirty Dancing. The moves are sensual. Kudos to Angel for doing a great job of performing pole dancing. Although she mentioned in some interviews that this is one scene that she had struggle doing, I must say that she did pretty fine. Aga's scenes and facial expressions only proves why he is one of the best in the land. Jake's performance cannot be denied as well. He did not let himself be overshadowed by the Angel and Aga.

Scenes that I liked:
-Cedes' (Angel) pole dancing.
-When Cedes is still staking on Eman (Aga) in Japan.
-When Cedes and Eman became lovers and they had quality time together.
-When Eman is auditioning as dance intructor for the Governor's Ball.
-When Eman saved the shot intended for Cedes at the Governor's Ball.

Scenes that I liked the least:
-The flashbacks are kinda confusing, although it helped me a lot understand the entire film.
-The ending, this scene seems to be flat!

If I will be given a chance to rate this movie 5 stars being the highest, my rating would be 4 stars. There are still room for improvements for this but over-all, the movie is good.


  1. Aga is too old!!! Dok Aga should stick to tatay roles na!!

  2. I guess I should watch check if Aga really need to stick to tatay roles