Sunday, February 13, 2011

Glee Character Of the Week: Sunshine Corazon

Sunshine Corazon is this week's Glee's character. The role is being played by YouTube sensation Charice. Sunshine is a foreign exchange student from the Philippines and her first appearance was in the first episode of Glee Season 2 (Audition).

Rachel invites her to glee club after seeing Sunshine sing along to New Directions' version of "Empire State of Mind", mistakenly thinking that Sunshine was adoring her. When Rachel heard her version of "Telephone", she was threatened that if Sunshine could make it to the glee club, she might replace her as the lead singer, so Rachel sent her to a crack house. This scene created threads of discussion in most of the social networking sites. Because of the popularity of this scene, parodies were also made to imitate the two.

Sunshine wowed the entire Glee club when she sang "Listen" in her audition and after her performance, Will welcomed her to the group. Will was advised that she will no longer take the offer to become a member of the glee club and instead she will be joining the Vocal Adrenaline which is New Direction's competitor.

I hope that she will make several appearances in the upcoming episodes of Glee Season 2.

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