Saturday, February 5, 2011

Start Of Something New

I was so sad last Thursday morning... the reason? My bosses informed me that they have reached a decision to transfer me to another account because of my stagnant CSAT scores. In short, I'm out of TWC already... =(

Honestly, I'm sad not because I'll be leaving the account, like what told them, I don't care about the account. The reason why I'm sad and cried a lot is because I'll be leaving the people who became dearest to me, my teammates and friends. They play an important role in my life and also motivates me to go to work. But that's the way it is, as said in one of Celine Dion's songs. I was able to formally say good bye to most of them, I just send a text message to others who weren't there and they were somewhat shock because it is so unexpected. For me, I wasn't shock at all because good thing, I set expectations to my self before hand and thanks to my boss who gave me a heads up on this.

I will always cherish the wonderful times that we had, Team Dada. And as I open another chapter of my life with Optus, my new account, I'm hoping that I can excel and make all of you proud in the end. I'm also excited for new friends and teammates... =)

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