Saturday, February 5, 2011

Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts

Still confuse what gift to give this coming Valentines Day??? Here is a list of the perfect gifts you can have for your significant other:

10. An evening at a local theater production or watching a romantic movie
-Check out what movies are in nowadays that could make the both of you fall in love more with each other.

9. A romantic drive
-Having a getaway drive to another place would be great, especially if you haven't been there!

8. A weekend away for just the two of you even if it's at the motel across town
-Spending the night together is kinda fun because you get to know more each better.

7. Candles
-Scented candles can release any tension or stress of your partner.

6. Lingerie for her or sexy underwear for him
-This will make your sexual encounters more exciting!

5. Gift certificates for time at a health spa or a sport event or a massage or to do an unpleasant chore around the house
-Spend a day at the spa, unwind and restore your energy!

4. Perfume or cologne
-Perfumes and colognes will make your partner smell good at all times!

3. A romantic dinner or picnic
-Plan a unique type of dinner for two, a date which your partner haven't experience yet!

2. Chocolates
-Chocolates expresses sweetness. Anyone who receives chocolates will think the one who gave it is a sweet person.

1. Flowers
-I still believe that flowers are the best expression and gifts of love. This will really make your partner fall in love more with you, that's guranteed!

Have you decided already what to give to your significant other this Valentine's Day?

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  1. Aww.. It's a nice suggestion, Francine! I might try two or three of those! Thanks! :)