Friday, April 22, 2011

Childhood Nostalgia: Bible-Inspired Cartoons

For today's Childhood Nostalgia, we will first give way and focus on the Lenten season. Who would ever think of using the bible characters to amuse children? I can still remember when I'm still young, every Sunday, after we attend the mass in the early morning, I would ask my parents for us to go home before 9:00AM just to catch the two cartoons that were derived from the bible. I'm not sure if there were other cartoons created at that time which were based on the bible, but definitely, I can name two. The Flying House and Superbook.

The Flying House - this show was originally aired in 1982 - 1983. This is a story of three kids who met a robot and a professor inside a house that is intended for an experiment, a house turned time machine. The show featured different characters in the Bible, specifically, in the New Testament. The main characters are Corkey, Angie, SIR, Justin, and Professor Bumble.

Superbook - a 52 episode cartoon divided into two series and each series having 26 episodes. It is the story of Christopher, Joy and a clock toy robot Gizmo as they travel back in time to the early events of the Old Testament. Here, they faced the characters such as Noah, Moses and Abraham.

Both cartoons showcased not only fun for kids but lesson as well, that God is everywhere and we should always have faith in him, all the time!

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