Sunday, April 10, 2011

Music Zone: International Artist Of The Week: Mariah Carey

Today is the beginning of my blog's theme and we'll start it with Music Zone.

When we hear the word "DIVA", I must say that the name Mariah Carey, if not the top choice, for sure, her name will appear as one of the top three choices.

Mariah Carey is well-known for having an amazing vocal range and whistle that registers. Her forte are R&B and Pop music. From 1990 until today, she was able to come up with thirteen albums, of course each album has its own hits. I still remember, I even bought three of her album when I was in high school, namely, Music Box, Butterfly, and Rainbow. But now, I just download her songs because it's free. In one of the award giving bodies for music, she was hailed as "Diva Of The Decade".

Some of her songs were collaboration with other artists such as Whitney Houston, 98 Degrees, Jay-Z, SnoopDog and Boyz II Men. She did cover songs from other artists like Phil Collins and also Christmas songs in some of her albums. She is also an actress and made appearances for some shows and movies, but I like her more as a singer.

My Top Five Songs From Mariah Carey

5. Never Too Far Away

4. I Stay In Love

3. My All

2. We Belong Together

1. Always Be My Baby

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