Monday, April 18, 2011

Francine's Fire Soul: Another Poor Customer Service Encounter

I've encountered a lot of dissatisfaction and made numerous complaints about customer service already. Name it, I have it... buses, banks, boutiques, supermarkets, department stores and fast food chains... I have something to share dissatisfaction is the topic. I know that they have their own processes but they need to keep in mind that they are being paid not only to address the main concern but to exceed expectations so that a customer would stay loyal to the company. And here's another not so good experience I can share.

I went to SM Bacoor last Friday, April 14, 2011 to canvass for new phones and netbooks. Because of the long walk I decided to drop by Greenwich to order one of their value meals. I ordered they Crispy Chicken Meal for Php99.00 which consists of one piece chicken, onion rings, java rice and a regular drink. I told the cashier my demands (the chicken part should either thigh or breast, and my drink should have no ice). She advised me that there are no big parts for the chicken, just legs and wings and if they are going to grant my request, it would take them 17 minutes to complete my order. I agreed to what she said and after I paid the amount due, I set the timer. When the 17th minute arrived, I showed it to the cashier, but she ignored me and went ahead and assist the other customers who are in the line ordering. I just let the timer run. Finally, my order was delivered but it took 21 minutes and 16 seconds! My gosh! That is so unacceptable! They made me wait for 17 minutes (although I agree on that part only) and the order arrived after 21 minutes! To think that the particular part that I requested is being cooked for 10 minutes only. I know that because I, myself was once a service crew and I know the cooking time for each part of the chicken being served in fast food chains. I could accept the delay in the delivery of my order if I don't know anything about the industry.

At that time, I thought of finishing the food first before complaining. When I'm done eating, what I did is to ask for their supervisor, ask for the name of the service crew and the name of the managers, get all the company information such as contact numbers and the website. They can't belittle me just because my order is just Php99.00! I still deserve excellent customer service just like what everybody wants!

When I got home, I immediately access their website and shoot a complaint of what happened.

This is really unacceptable! Grrrr!!!

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