Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My First Week In The Optus Operations Floor

It's been a week since we were endorsed to the Ops (Operations) floor. I missed training, the drinking sessions, laughing and bullying times with each other. I miss my wave mates who treated me nice and loved me the way I am.

At first, I'm sad because I was the only one who was distributed to one team, my other wave mates, they were in one team and being handled by one of the team leaders who joined us for training. Eventually, as I meet my new team mates one by one, I feel okay already and happy and I just realized that being with tenured agents gives me an advantage when it comes to handling calls. I'm not saying that my wave mates are not good, it's just that since we just came from training, what they know is what I know as well. Training is just the tip of the iceberg and everything will be learned in the operations floor.

Interacting with Aussie customers for me is better than the Americans. They are much nicer. I've noticed that the irate Australian is the equivalent of a nice American. Most of the Aussies are understanding once you tell them the current situation. They value honesty and they would even thanked you for being straightforward to them. I love them already!

Honestly, I'm still grasping for processes but I know, with the help of my SME's (Subject Matter Experts), my team leader and my team mates, I can survive this account.

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