Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Childhood Nostalgia: Modern Sherlock Holmes: Detective Conan

Today, GMA 7 brought back Detective Conan in its morning block so I decided to feature it in Childhood Nostalgia. It is one of the anime shows that amazes me until now. It is because, here a man turned child is able to resolve impossible cases.

This is the story of Jimmy Kudo, also known as Shinichi Kudo. He is an intelligent high school detective who turned into a a seven year old child after he was forced to take a drug by a member of a mysterious secret crime organization. Because he wants to know these people, he changed his name to Conan Edogawa. From then on, he continued to resolve cases in his own way. He was given gadgets b his friend, Dr. Hershel Agasa. Everytime he is going to squill out the criminal, he would always someone mostly, Mr. Kogoro Mori and he turns him into a sleeping detective to tell the story of what really happened.

For this show, I must say that the reason I got hooked up is because I really like mystery shows. It also teaches the value of friendship and critical thinking.

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