Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Francine's Fire Soul: MissG's Elite Style Of Eating Shanghai: Revisited

MissG is one of my friends whom I met in TeleTech Bacoor. His real name is Giovanni Miniano. He is really funny and able to crack jokes whenever and wherever. But this blog is not just about him, yes a part of him maybe.

While scanning my photos and videos in Facebook, I noticed this video I posted a year ago when we were still together in training in 24/7. The video was shot in Dencio's in Makati. Together with us were Ned Juan, Jhaecii Fajardo and Glen Batinga. I was the one who shot the video while the others are giving instructions to him until suddenly, he took in a whole shanghai roll. Here is the video:

This is really funny and everytime I see this video, I can't help but laugh out loud!!!

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