Sunday, July 31, 2011

Music Zone: Top 10 Videoke Songs

One of the attractions of bars and restaurants nowadays are videoke machines. They allow people to sing their favorite songs with lyrics for just five pesos. I must admit, I'm a videoke fanatic. I enjoy staying in places where there is a videoke machine whether be a drinking session or just eating out with friends. With this machine, people can express what they feel through the songs they enter. There are people who amazes other people with their high notes and beautiful voices. If there are two microphones, two people can perform a duet (that is, of the place can afford to have two mics). I even experience having a showdown with other singers and it was exciting because you have the motivation to outperform them and pick the best songs that you can sing. I just noticed though, there are songs that are being sang over and over again, as if it was sung for the first time. Most of these songs may either be a classic, ballad or just to have fun. So today on Music Zone, I will present the Top 10 Videoke Songs that are being murdered in bars and restaurants:

10. Carrie - released in 1987 by the group Europe. This is usually sang by old men who are already drunk.

9. I Will Survive - is the first song performed by Gloria Gaynor in 1978. The message of this song is about moving on. The rhythm of this song makes videoke lovers go gaga over it.

8. Dancing Queen - originally performed by the group Abba in 1976. Many artists also made a cover of the song like A-Teens in 2000, the Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez, and recently, the Glee Cast in episode Prom Queen of Glee Season 2.

7. Just Once - James Ingram sang this song in 1981. Jaya had her own cover of the song in 2007. I still remember I used to sing this song when I was younger (just sharing...).

6. Total Eclipse Of The Heart - a song from Bonnie Tyler in 1983 and her biggest hit. This song

5. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - originally performed by Starship in 1987. In videoke bars, this is usually sung by two persons, unless one person can sing the male and female parts. MYMP also covered this song.

4. Alone - a Heart's original in 1983 which was covered by Celine Dion in 2008.

3. Build Me Up Buttercup - released in 1968 by The Foundation. I must say that most of the groups set this as their last song and just party all the way.

2. Crazy For You - one of Madonna's hit in 1985. I always here this song in all of my videoke sessions. This is also one of the most requested songs for bands.

1. My Way - this song was popularized by Frank Sinatra. There is a bad connotation about this song, that whoever sings it dies after. Well, I don't believe it but just to be on the safe side, I don't sing it as well... hahaha!!! =)

So, is your favorite videoke song on the list??? This list is ranked based on my observation when I sing in videoke bars.

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