Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Francine's Fire Soul: My 100TH Tweet

I started using Twitter just last month out for curiosity. I have other Tweeter accounts using different email addresses and usernames but I decided to use the username its_me_francine and entered the Tweetverse. The first tweets I had were quotes, eventually, I find myself following celebrities, groups and even friends. I still remember, the first person who became my follower is _eychan17_ which is one of my classmates way back in high school. Currently, I have 112 tweets to date, 40 accounts following and 16 followers.

Imagine, just by tweeting when I have time, I never expected that I would reached my 100th tweet addressed to @NicoleHyala. I was listening to Tambalan segment on the radio when I tweet this as a response to the topic that they were discussing yesterday. Below is the screenshot.

I'm starting to love Twitter and the Tweetverse. Follow me with my username its_me_francine and let's share tweets.

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