Monday, January 3, 2011

My Addictions

Addiction has been defined as physical and psychological dependence on psychoactive substances. We may include things that gives us pleasure and happiness. Here are the list of my addictions:

1. Music (singing and listening to oldies, R&B, pop and club)

2. Regine Velasquez (sings her songs; watches her concerts and movies; collecting her cd's)

3. Glee

4. Clubbing 

5. Surfing (FB; chatting; watching videos)

6. Inuman (lalo na pag masarap kausap ang mga kasama)

7. Yosi (gusto ko laging may kasabay)

8. Old school shows (Maskman, Bioman, Voltron Lion Force... sa DVD ko na lang pinapanood)

9. DVD marathon (especially horror and action)

10. Travelling (gusto ko nakakarating sa iba't-ibang lugar)

11. America's Next Top Model

12. Project Runway

13. Volleyball

14. Sidney Sheldon novels

15. Sylvester The Cat

16. Color Violet (obvious ba???)

Now, you have discovered a part of me... There are other addictions but these are the most evident. =)

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