Saturday, January 15, 2011

Viva Forever!!!

Our friendship started when we were still starting as a team in 24/7 Customer Philippines. There I met Marivic Hidalgo a.k.a. "Mhavz" and Kate Dianne ArdoƱa a.k.a. "Kate". Because we share the same interests we got along easily. I must say that there was never a dull moment when we are together. When we are all logged in to our work chatroom, that's the only time the room becomes alive with our statements, gimmicks, games and jokes Eventually, I called Mhavz "Marse" and Kate as "Friend". That's when we get even closer, sharing stories, laughter and sadness with each other with no hesitation.

But as they always say... some good things never lasts. Haaayyyy.... Marse left the company last December 2010. Honestly, I felt so depressed because she is the closest to me in the team. Although, it was expected that she has to leave one of those days, still I felt the loneliness once the day comes that she will say goodbye. At first, I just try to make myself believe that she is on VL... but I need to move on. Next, Friend, formally left just today, which made me more lonely... she is the event planner, the Text Twist Queen.

Eventhough they already left and I'm not gonna see them as often, I still believe that the friendship built within us is strong and no one or nothing can destroy it. I will always cherrish all the times were together! See yah soon "Emotera" and "Sosyalera" Till our paths cross again... my friends! Goodbye for now but not forever!!! Luvyah!!! =)

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