Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Temptation Of Wife: Review

When Koreanovela was introduced in our country, Filipinos have gone gaga over them. Mostly, their storylines would include romance, drama, revenge, rags to riches theme, fantasy and action that is why Filipinos can easily relate to these kind of shows. A lot of Koreanovelas can be considered a hit in the Philippines like "Full House" and Korea's version of F4 which is "Boys Over Flowers".

But one Koreanovela caught my attention nowadays. This is Temptation Of Wife which is being aired in GMA 7 every weekday afternoons. It stars Jang Seo Hee as Goo Eun Jae, the main protagonist and Kim Seo Hyung as Shin Ae Ri, the main antagonist.

At first, I was wondering why the title of the show is "Temptation Of Wife", but after watching some episodes in GMA 7 and DVD, i finally understand. It was a story of a wife's revenge and tempation to his husband and the people who made her life and her family miserable.

What I like most: The story is about two women who has their own principles in life. They both have courage, although it was executed in a different manner. Some of the scenes are funny like Jung Gyo Bin(Marcel Jung in Filipino dubbed version) and Jung Ha Neul (Madel Jung) acting was a comic relief. The second character of Jang Seo Hee which is Min So Hee (Chantal Min) shows women empowerment. The character of Shin Ae Ri facial expressions are so precise (Bravo!!!).

What I like least: There are a lot of episodes.... whhaaaaaaaahhh!!! =$

I so love this Koreanovela!!! =)

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